What we are


April 2010
Acquired the PI TAPE technology patent for electrolysis condensers (10-09522146)
Developed and produced various PP tape, PI tape for secondary batteries
February 2011
Developed a double-sided tape for semiconductor CMP processes

October 2004
Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certifications
June 2008
Acquired the technology innovation INNO-BIZ certification (Gyeonggi Regional SMEs and Startups Office)
September 2009
Nominated as a venture company
(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

April 1991
ISO 9001, Relocated Songtan factory
February 1996
Nominated as a prospective small and medium company in Gyeonggi-do Province (GyeongGi-Do Provincial Government)
September 1998
Nominated as an industrial R&D company and started a development business (Industrial Technology Policy Institute, currently the Science and Technology Policy Institute)
April 1999
Nominated as a prospective small and medium export company (Small & Medium Business Corporation)

November 1986
Awarded the 23rd Day of Export certificate
February 1987
Signed a technology MOU with H.M SONNICHEN&ASSOCIATION
October 1989
Nominated as an excellent small and medium company (Small and Medium Industry Bank)

February 1974
Founded company
December 1977
M&A with Dong-a Hwa Sung Co., Ltd